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Hey, I'm Dawid

I am an entrepreneur, a designer, and a craftsman behind Wilkiński Store.

To say that I love making furniture would be an understatement. I trully believe in power of hard work, dedication, and endless improvement. You can find me experimenting with different forms, patterns, and designs, and thriving to master my craftsmanship to produce extraordinary results. Above all else, however, I value the duality of meaning, catching on things left unsaid, and deciphering complex apparences. I believe that everything that happens around us is just a surface, only a part of the Universe, that is waiting to be discovered and understood with its deeper meaning.

My passion fuels my work, giving me endless inspirations to create and design.

I'm captivated by symmetry, and always try to approach life with an open-mind and humble perspective which is something that characterizes not only my daily life, but also my work. It's also something that didn't happen overnight, but something I've been thriving to master for a long time, searching for myself and manifesting a direction of my work. However, I have always wanted to work with wood, since this material fascinates me with its solid, yet craftable structure.

This passion was instilled in me by my father, who is a carpenter with over 30 years of experience. Today I, for more than 8 years, have been proudly stealing in his footsteps professionally in my own workshop, developing my own ideas and looking for new ways to express myself. I wouldn't call myself a carpenter, architect or a designer. I am a seeker. I combine different styles, finding their true nature, and translating them into geometric patterns. I am interested in a sacred geometry, esotericism, spiritual development, and ancient technologies, which blends into unique furniture pieces I create.

Every piece designed here is one of its kind, originated from a unique idea, and manufactured in Poland. Most of the parts are made from scratch.

If you're interested in a partnership, looking for custom-made furniture, or want to know more about the products - message me. You can find more information in the contact tab and on my social media profiles.